I’ve been an avid role-playing gamer since the fourth grade. My brother got me into D&D way back then and neither of us has ever looked back. There are so many things to love about them–the opportunity to flex one’s imagination, the storytelling, the camaraderie (both in and out of game)–and the character creation and rules systems appeal to the quasi-autist in me. Not to mention they’re quite collectible.

As with most pen-and-paper RPGers, I cut my teeth on D&D. My favorite edition by far is 3rd/3.5. I haven’t tried 4th and see no reason to. When I’m a PC, regardless of the setting, I usually play wizards–the idea of a character with power through intelligence is deeply rooted in the fantasies of 4th-grade Don. But usually I end up DMing. This is best since I know the rules better than anyone else in my group and it’s just obnoxious to correct your DM on rules matters.

Another thing I adore about RPGs are the rich settings. It’s a reason I can read the rulebooks for pure pleasure. The alternate worlds that have been created are true spectacles for the mind. I’ve never played a single session of World of Darkness but I have two or three bookshelves full of books. Why? The setting’s that good. I don’t know that I’ll ever play Ravenloft, Talislanta, or Urban Arcana. And I don’t care. Reading about the worlds, creating characters, and imagining are enough for me.

Yes, I have two all-time favorite characters. No, I won’t go on about them. Unless you ask. 🙂


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