I’m a hoops junkie. As my wife said, “I used to think I liked basketball, until I met you.” I can’t play the game to save my life, but I enjoy watching, following, and analyzing it as much as anyone who can’t play it possibly can. I’m mostly an NBA guy, but I follow the college game closely as well.

My love of the game came from two sources. First, my interest in sports developed in the early to mid-1990s and I live in Chicago. You do the math there. Second, it’s the most purely athletic of the major team sports. There’s an artistry that goes with good basketball that other sports just can’t match.

Obviously, I’m first and foremost a Bulls fan, as well as of my alma mater Northwestern Wildcats. For 15 years I was also a devoted fan of the Golden State Warriors. Remember when I was drawn to the game—the Warriors were the best team at the time who hadn’t won anything. After that, well, they became the worst team who hadn’t won anything, but I was already emotionally invested. Eventually, something had to give, and it was me. I’ve felt much less stressed as a result.

Along the way, I developed my independent love for/infatuation with the city of Seattle. Naturally, this led me to follow the Sonics (RIP) and the Washington Huskies. I remain a rabid Huskies fan, and my Sonics fandom has been transfered to the Portland Trail Blazers—an especially easy transition given Brandon Roy and Nate McMillan.

Roy is my favorite player, for obvious reasons. Plus, he just kicks ass. However, my favorite position generally is point guard. There’s nothing in basketball like watching a true point at at the top of his game. Jason Kidd may be an asshole in real life, but watching him pass is like staring at a Goya for the first time—pure art. And none of those “scoring, combo” PGs for me. Give me a pure point, thank you very much. As such, I’m an enormous CP3 fan (even though he does seem to be screwing the Hornets).

One additional point (HA! Get it? Point?). I’m a huge believer in advanced metrics. Stats are truly the way of the future in basketball, and box score stats just don’t do enough. I follow most of the major players in advanced basketball metrics like a disciple. They each bring something new and exciting to the table, and the community in general is a great place to hang out. There’s so much to learn and so many great minds to learn from.


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